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2 - We will assemble your order, (our packages of meat are not always exactly to the pound) and value each item by weight  +/-.

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Order Form

Please note: Greenway Beef office will assemble you order, and advise you by e-mail or telephone the actual weight and the re-calculated  inclusive purchase price.

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Product Description
Weight Pack
Price per lb Weight Enter pack
item Quantity
Ground Beef 1 LB Pack $8.49lb
Stew Meat 1 LB Pack $8.49lb
Beef Patties 1 LB Pack $8.49lb
Beef Bratwurst 1 LB Pack  $8.49 a pack
Chuck Roast 3.5 LB Pack $7.99lb
Rolled Rump Roast 3.5 LB Pack $8.49lb
London Broil Approx 2LB Pack $8.99lb
Rib Eye Steak
(Bone Less )
1.3 LB Pack $16.99lb
New York Strip Steak .75 to 1LB Pack $16.99lb
Filet Mignon  8 oz Pack $29.95lb
Philly Steaks 12 oz Pack  $8.99 a pack
T Bone Steak .75 to 1.2LB pack $14.99lb
Brisket 1 to 3LB Pack $8.49lb
Short Ribs 2 to 3LB Pack $5.99lb
Beef Liver 1LB Packs $5.99lb
Large  Bones 1  Per Pack $3.99 each
Cooking Bones 3 LB Bag $6.99 a bag
Bacon 1 LB Pack $7.49lb
Sausage - Hot 1 LB Pack  $5.99lb
Sausage Patties- Hot 1 LB Pack 
5 Patties in Pack
Sausage - Medium 1 LB Pack  $5.99lb
Pork Tender Loin 2 LB Pack  $8.99lb
Pork Chops 0.5 to 0.7 lb Pk $9.99lb
No Nitrate Bacon 1 LB Pack  $8.49lb
Ground Pork 1 LB Pack  $5.99lb
Center Cut Ham Steak 0.5 to 0.7 lb Pk $9.99lb
Ham Hocks  ¾ LB  Average $4.95lb
Sweet Italian Sausage Links 1 LB Pack $6.49lb
Hot  Italian Sausage Links 1 LB Pack $6.49lb
Mild Suasage Links (small) 1 LB Pack $6.49lb
USDA ORGANIC CHICKENS from the Shenandoah Valley
Whole Young Chickens 3 to 4 LB  Ave. $4.99lb
    Food Products Sales Tax 2.5%
Shipping Required $29.95 Inclusive

Shipping Address must be the actual location,
Greenway Beef customer service will contact you by e-mail or
telephone  to re-confirm the total cost price for your purchase,
which must be paid before shipping.

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 Payments how it works

When we receive your order we will telephone or e-mail  to tell you
your invoice payment total $  and order confirmation number #.

 This total (for the above listed products) will include
 Sales Tax 2% and/or 5.0% and the Flat-Rate shipping
cost of $29.95 if you have selected

Flat-Rate shipping rate excludes the 1/4 and 1/2 Beef packages
which will be charged at actual shipping cost.

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