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$29.95 Flat Rate Shipping or
Free Delivery to Richmond Va.

The $29.95 service;

Greenway Beef Products 
Crabill's Pork Products 


  • UPS 2 Day Ground Services

  • Styrofoam Box and Dry Ice


  • ¼ Bulk Beef Package

  •  Service area outside the UPS 2 Day Ground Delivery


  • ¼ Bulk Beef Package or Orders not in the UPS 2 Day Ground Area will be charged at  "Actual Shipping Charges".

  • We do NOT add a Handling or Packing Fees to orders

  • E-mail or Call  -804-836-8567 for a shipping quote


We-Ship UPS option details:

UPS Logo Door-To-Door package orders will all be shipped by UPS 2 Day Service on a Monday or a Tuesday.

These orders will be shipped in a Styrofoam freezer box with cool packs to keep the meat frozen.

For the UPS 2 Day Service you will incur shipping charge
of only $29.95 for each order.

Frozen Beef Cooler Packs

Beef Short Ribs 
Hamburger Patties 
Best Steaks Money Can Buy 
Beef Bratwurst

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